The 2nd Race of the Wednesday Night Series was unlike last week's race where the conditions were quite windy, this week not so much.  The RC went out on a very gloomy afternoon with light rain, no wind, low clouds and no beer.  A course of W4 was set with a tetrohedron set north of the tip of Long Island.  A slight puff of air came in from the west....the forcast was ESE so the went on a heading of 270 deg about .6 miles and set the orange hip itty hop in that direction.  Back at the eastern mark a start line was set for the check-in with 8 boats coming out for the evening.  A slight line of wind came in from about 220 deg giving the compeitors a slow beat to the first mark.  Stinger had the best start and the first to tack over to port to fetch the 1st mark.  On this leg Woot managed to ghost by the fleet and rounded the mark in 1st and decided to set their chute that did not help.  The wind filled in a bit more on the 2nd leg but the RC decided to shorten the leg and finish the boats at the 2nd mark.  Congratulations to Stinger on 1st overall with Cut Loose in 2nd and Uncle Ludwig in 3rd.  Thanks goes to Rob Fraiser for helping out with relocating the start/finish line using on of the LGC mark boats.  See you next week.   

Top Finishers:

1. Stinger 0:39:12
2. Cut Loose 0:39:50
3. Uncle Ludwig 0:40:36
4. Iko Iko 0:41:17
5. T 0:44:00
6. Wild Thing 0:46:02
7. woot! 0:47:21
8. Gracie 0:49:10
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