Race 4 of the Wednesday Night Series gave us a very nice evening with light winds out of 180 deg.  We had 9 boats on the start line as more and more boats are getting in the water.  The RC with the help of Mike Bonn ( Woot) set a course of W4 a mile north of North Canoe governmaent mark.  At the start Code Flag X-Ray was displayed with 1 sound indicating that 3 boats were OCS (On Course Side) of the start lines.  The were hailed and all 3 came back and restarted.  Remember that if the "P" Flag (blue with white square) was displayed you DONOT have to go around the end, you need to only dip the line.  At the first mark Woot was first @ 16:53 followed by IkoIko, CutLoose and Windfall.  On the downwind leg Woot extended their lead and rounded @ 31:30 with IkoIko @ 32:15,  Windfall and CutLoose.  On the 3rd leg the evening winds shifted to the SSW and the usual decrease in velocity.  At the finish with BOTH Line Honors and 1st on Corrected time was the crew of Woot beating out IkoIko by 8 seconds.  Unclce Ludwig was 3rd.  

Top Finishers:

1. woot! 0:58:44
2. Iko Iko 0:58:52
3. Uncle Ludwig 1:03:43
4. Cut Loose 1:03:55
5. Windfall 1:04:29
6. Eclat 1:07:38
7. T 1:09:16
8. Wild Thing 1:11:07
9. Fat Star 1:11:35
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